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Herschel's "Atlantis - Countdown to 2027" FULL COLOUR eBook is a PDF of 560 pages, illustrated and extended 2021 edition. This ebook is exclusively available here through Eventide Music and will not be available through any book sellers.

Let it be said: This is no average book on Atlantis! And justifiably so. The new evidence it puts forward in proving Atlantis has to have something really extraordinary about it if one goes by the barrage of interference to try to cover it up that it has already met with. But these are only attempts at keeping its potent content hidden such efforts apparently inspired by its paranormal nature! To circumvent any cover-up and to allow the truth to out, advance copies of this powerful new book have already been sent to mainstream media, influencers on the topic and advocates of its authenticity in positions of power.

The eBook will only be available on the author's website for now at the hidden records dot com

What this book does differently is how it sets out to prove the discovery of Atlantis. Enter the largest collection ever of next-level measurable claims and solid new findings with no less than 560-pages of compelling evidence and more than 300 images to substantiate this.

The author has found the enigmatic fingerprint of what are unmistakably two circular canals, real megalithic foundation blocks, as well as the base ruins of what could only once have been colossal statues. True to what Plato said, the landmass where the site exists was once an island continent in the Atlantic Ocean! To substantiate this, author Wayne Herschel proposes some very solid, ultra-mind-blowing hypotheses that no one before him has come up with.

What caused the demise and transformation of Atlantis is backed by new science. Made palatable with clear graphics, he identifies what he calls high-speed 'meteor impact cause of continental shift' in a first-ever possibility factored in by any researcher on Atlantis to date. Also coming into the equation on completely solid ground are Spain and Portugal the landmass today for what was once the island-continent of Atlantis close to 12,600 years ago.

His ‘sub crustal detonation upthrust’ working model exposes the meteoric culprit at ground zero that created the illusion that Atlantis “sunk!” coinciding with the Biblical Flood.

With every page, a new aspect emerges of the plethora of possibilities for what Atlantis was all about and what happened to it, inviting one to read on. Uncovered are never-before-seen ancient maps that show the island continent; as are a large collection of ‘hidden’ artifacts with a star map obsession. They all reveal that Atlantis was built as a giant star map showing where the ancestors of the Atlanteans originated from much as is the case with all the first megalithic civilisations. Its founders were the legendary star gods so to speak that Plato obsessed in..

Then just when you think things could not get any more other-worldly, enter the unthinkable. While the world waited and watched for when the Mayan Calendar prophecy would be fulfilled with the supposed return of their ancient star gods in 2012, fate had it that the author was occupied elsewhere in parallel. Just before this date came to pass, Wayne Herschel was exploring the site of the Atlanteans' ancient port city, regularly refreshing his satellite image viewer. Then on one auspicious day, something that could only have been the result of a paranormal occurrence instantly came into view. A 4km-wide monstrosity of a crop circle appears to have been created with such intensity that it indented the earth itself forming 84 instant lakes!

And it was a star map, the template of where the Altanteans, who are also our ancestors, came from. This template also came with a date? The crop circle which makes up what the author coins The Geoglyph is a message. It defines a future date. It is counting down to: First Contact!

Herschel's Atlantis Countdown to 2027 is a book that for the first time ever sets out to prove where history melds with mythology and the paranormal within the annals of time to prove Atlantis.









Seven major new discoveries are revealed with previously unseen ancient star maps!

Actual star gate devices have been found hidden in Sumerian, Mayan and Egyptian records. The undeniable details identify that other ancient sites had similar devices right through to the Christ story iteslf. They use a cosmic conduit plasma from the Creation Tree of Life source. All the records show the dialed up address... it is Taurus!

A hidden world crisis is identified and occurring right now coinciding with an end time prophecy. The Christ records show that the gate is about to reopen....

This is the ONLY trusted download site that links from Wayne Herschel's web site and web promotions. Trust no other site for now as this material is still under attack and there will be false download pages that no doubt deliver something quite altered or different and with a virus.!

You will be emailed a link from which you can download the ebook.



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