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See Kevin Kendle perform music from his highly-acclaimed DEEP SKIES albums of space music LIVE in the wonderful setting of Ashburton Arts Centre in Devon, UK. A former Methodist church,the acoustics of this building are perfect for the Deep Skies music. Ashburton Arts Centre now hosts a variety of live music events, including the annual Tinners Moon Festival, which this concert is part of.

This is a unique opportunity to experience this celestial and moving music in an all-encompassing audio-visual experience, featuring breathtaking visuals and high quality sound systems.

Also appearing will be the other artists featured on the Deep Skies albums, Brian Abbott and Nigel Shaw, in this unique and beautiful live performance of the Deep Skies music.

Come and meet the artists, and hear the Deep Skies music as it's never been heard and seen before

(Click the poster for a printable, high res version)




Tickets £13

Merchandise available (UK only) HERE!

Concession Tickets £10




Concert date: Sunday 26 April 2020

Kevin Kendle - Synthesizers
Brian Abbott - Glissando guitar, guitars
Nigel Shaw - Synthesizer effects, flutes


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