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LANIAKEA is the sixth release in Kevin Kendle's highly-acclaimed Deep Skies series of spacemusic albums. Inspired by the incredible Laniakea galaxy supercluster.

Laniakea is a supercluster of galaxies that is home to our own Milky Way galaxy. It was defined in September 2014 by a group of astronomers who published a new way of defining superclusters according to the relative velocities of galaxies.

The name "Laniakea" means "immense heaven," and is derived from the Hawaiian words "lani," meaning heaven, and "akea," meaning spacious, or immeasurable.

Below are preview MP3 clips of the music from Laniakea - click the links to listen to this beautiful, ethereal music!



1. Laniakea - Listen 5. Hydra - Listen  
2. Virgo - Listen 6. Immense Heaven - Listen
3. Centaurus - Listen 7. The Aeternal Choir of Light - Listen  
4. Vast Beyond Mind - Listen    
Total Running Time: 60:36
Release date: 20 October 2020

Kevin Kendle - Synthesizers, keyboards, sequencers
Brian Abbott - Glissando guitar, lead guitar
Nigel Shaw - Synthesizer effects, fujara, wood flute


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