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'Atlantis Discovery 2018' is timed to launch with my other new book and DVD on how the ancients traversed the heavens: 'The Alpha Omega Taurus Star Gate'. One book covers the beginnings of humanity, the other covers the end times. Both stories go hand in hand to fully understand the hidden records of humanity... the cosmo-genesis of our beginnings.

I claim to add more to prove a claim in 1928 for the same site that did not previously convince scholars it was Atlantis. I add a lot more and verify what seems to be the first place of advanced human colonisation on the Earth.

'Atlantis Discovery 2018' in Donana Spain completes a very complex bigger story.

While the world counted down and waited for a cosmic messenger event in 2012, fulfilling the writings recorded in the Mayan calendar, the unexpected happened. We may have had a cosmic visitor event that went unnoticed telling us the real date of arrival. Literally overnight sometime in 2011, a 3-mile-wide message with encoded date appeared at the site now being claimed as Atlantis.

What is being being questioned as the largest-ever created crop circle, it uses a swastika symbol for the stars of Orion showing the way to the position of a sun-like star near the Pleiades.

Atlantis is most likely the first place on Earth and it is a massive piece of the hidden records of life on Earth. The chronology of how, where and when can only be justified with a book. What happened in our solar system when Earth was seen as the planet of the apes? When its natural-evolved dominant hominid Neanderthal was robbed of its destiny around 17,000 years ago?

Our solar system experienced a massive alien invasion. Two planets were colonised by our human genus ancestors, who evolved somewhere else very far away within the same Tree of Life radiant blueprint universal code of life. They built their first civilisation cities with the cosmic template... a star map defining who they are and where they come from. They also colonised Mars with the same city of Cydonia layout plan.

Earth had an island continent that Plato explained had many features, all of which only a book can do justice to. Then a cataclysmic event occured in our solar system. Meteor fragments destroyed Mars, while Earth had a fragment hit the North Pole. Yes, ground zero for what caused the event known as the Biblical Flood has been found. But what does this all count down to reveal? These life-changing possibilities need to be seen. Because time is running out. Will this book be removed from trading due to the forbidden content it reveals? Get your copy fast before this all disappears silently into the night.

Will the new discovery proving the canals, how the island was once transformed to where it is today, the smoking gun impact event that caused it all and the massive foundation ruins be enough new evidence to convince the world of the truth?

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Seven major new discoveries are revealed with previously unseen ancient star maps!

Actual star gate devices have been found hidden in Sumerian, Mayan and Egyptian records. The undeniable details identify that other ancient sites had similar devices right through to the Christ story iteslf. They use a cosmic conduit plasma from the Creation Tree of Life source. All the records show the dialed up address... it is Taurus!

A hidden world crisis is identified and occurring right now coinciding with an end time prophecy. The Christ records show that the gate is about to reopen....

and avoid disappointment in case the shocking and forbidden truth is blocked from being released, while this subject is currently under attack.

Watch this space for the release date from which DVDs will be sent out!

PRICE: 18.00 GBP incl worldwide shipping


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