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Review from amazon.com
"...It is not simply music, but where the music leads you. Now I don't doubt you could sit down with 500 cds and find something that would be the equivalent. The important point, is that if you find it works for you, (opens your inner eye and leads you to the place you need to be in order to be more effective in your tarot readings) then isn't it worth it?

The best I can say, is when I played this for the first time, it was when I was stressed out... It overcame that and moved me to a better place. Almost like never having heard your mother's voice since birth and then hearing it for the first time in years. You recognize it, it calls to you and you respond with an openess.

I teamed it up with a scented eye pillow for relaxation while resting. Then I tried reading several spreads, I was amazed that I was able to go a lot further with the imagery than I have done in the past.

Worth every cent!"

Reviewer: A music fan from Tarzana, CA USA



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