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One of Kevin Kendle's most spectacular albums, Tarot is a musical depiction of the first 11 cards in the Major Arcana of a deck of Tarot cards.

Great care was taken in the compostion of these pieces to build aspects of the symbolism behind each card into the music.

However, this is an album of stunning music in its own right, and an interest in the Tarot is not necessary to enjoy the wonderful, magical sounds on this CD.

1. The Fool 6. The Hierophant
2. The Magician - Listen 7. The Lovers
3. High Priestess 8. The Chariot
4. The Empress 9. Strength - Listen
5. The Emperor - Listen 10. The Hermit - Listen
  11. The Wheel of Fortune
 Playing time: 62:30

Tarot comes with a comprehensive booklet written by leading UK Tarot expert Steve Hounsome, who advised and guided Kevin on the symbolism of the Tarot during the recording and production of this album.


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