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Review from amazon.com
"...By not buying TAROT by KEVIN KENDLE you may well be missing one of the most beautiful albums ever released - its descriptive quality abounds with sheer majesty. At the end of the album you will have listened to the very energies of each card, within the very carefully crafted compositions.

TAROT as an album is an experience to be recomended to those that have an ability to visualize from within and enjoy the sheer magnificance of this truly lovely CD.

Describing the Major Arcana and depiciting the Journey of the Fool otherwise known as the Seeker's Quest, the path toward wholeness for the human soul, KENDLE takes us on a Mystical journey, through 11 cards of the pack.

What do I know about the Tarot? Quite simply not a lot, but taking time to read the contents of the album one will find it extremely interesting and revealing and after all, what's in a name? You may simply want to listen to the album because of its powerful and moving music and that is perhaps the best reason of all.

KEVIN KENDLE has at times brough back fond memories of ISAO TOMITA in many of the tracks upon this brilliant album. THE FOOL and THE MAGICIAN begin the album with glorious rich and melodic tones, THE EMPEROR (which incidently is used as the intro to one of my radio programmes) lifts the musical journey to an almost regal state and my favourite of all, STRENGTH, fills the heart full of hope and joy through it's supreme classicial magnificance, very TOMITA and at times, and almost DVORAK or MUSSORGSKY in it's glory.

I would highly recomend KEVIN KENDLE'S TAROT to anyone like likes the music to move them, that likes their music to give that tingle down the back of their neck, and to anyone that would wish to have an album that would touch the emotional palette leaving them feeling empowered and inspired.

Miss out on this album and you will be missing out on a real gem..."

Reviewer: Steve Sheppard, broadcaster and writer.



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