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"... There are many joys in life, but musically nothing quite compares when the expectation of a new Kevin Kendle album finally arrives. Kendle is one of those quality artists that never seems to let you down and therefore you wait with baited breath to sample some more of the musical genius that is without doubt unrivalled.

The expansion of the Deep Skies series is a natural, but a much needed series of albums to uplift the soul on it’s journey through life, rarely does a series of albums give off that quality of passion that shows on every level Kevin Kendle is in touch with his creative soul and ours the listener as well.

Track one may surprise some, but those who know the artist's work well, will remember that the opening to both Light From Orion and Lagoon of Eternity, were either powerful, deep and full of an energy, or all three. Dance Of Electra starts in almost similar style, where with delicate skill he touches us with a brief resonance of his First Light Album, then moving us towards the last Deep Skies feel of “Star Clusters” from the Lagoon C.D. then into what has the sense of a Mike Oldfield style piece and thanks to the help of both Nigel Shaw and Brian Abbott, it works brilliantly.

The album continues to Alcyone, the piece is described by Kevin as meditational and a journey that as he says characterises the entire Deep Skies series, I found this piece haunting. When Kendle plays piano it always hits at a deeper resonance; there is something about this track and the piano that really takes the listener further inside their own psyche than they will ever imagine. This track is simply beautiful and extremely mystical. I defy you not to get lost in the hypnotic beauty of Alcyone...

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