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Reviews of the FLOWERS album - page 2


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Review from The Pathway

"...An inspired and magnificent successor to the hit album Clouds, Flowers offers a musical representation of the seasons, running from spring through to winter. Gentle, flowing melodies intertwine with superb instrumentation to create an experience of pure refreshment.

Taking inspiration from flowers such as bluebells, winter jasmine and fuchsias, Kevin Kendle invites listeners into a world of delicate luxury, where one can completely de-stress. If you enjoyed Clouds, or are looking for a soothing and gentle album with which to wash away the worries and strains of modern-day life, then Flowers will not disappoint..."

Reviewer: HK

Review from The Planet

"...Think about the blooming of the first flowers of spring - it is the great awakening after three months of winter. Kevin Kendle captures the sentiment of experiencing the blooming of the first flowers of spring in this fresh compilation.

His titles include Daffodils, Bluebells, Jasmine, Freesia, Sunflowers, Roses and Winter Jasmine. Kevin is joined by Ian Cameron Smith on guitar and together they create an intense album that will have you "smelling" the floral scents..."

Reviewer: N/K

Review from amazon.com

"...Because of hearing a cut from this album on Spinner.com, I took a chance and bought it hoping that the rest of the cuts would be as great as the one I heard. I was blown away by "Flowers" - the relatively benign title to an album that has more depth to it than what one might be led to believe.

I have a home office and this album is on constantly ... all day - and its been over a year since I purchased it! I've now dubbed it for listening in the car and have it on mini-disc player so I can listen while working in, pardon, the garden! The ease of melody and instrumentation, the smooth, unobtrusive rhythms, the accessibility of the line, all make it perfect for background sound or actual listening. I have been transported more than once as phrases of the music reminds me of a places or feelings, launching me into a great space and time!

I can't emphasize enough how beautiful this album is - like a great recipe that you want to indulge in over and over again. Thank you Kevin Kendle for making the day easier..! "

Reviewer: Richard Hurst, Winnipeg, Canada


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