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Review from Aquarius Metaphysical Newspaper

"...Kevin Kendle's Flowers blooms into eight delightful instrumental pieces as fresh as a spring morning in the garden...... Flowers evokes the sunny, cheerful energy of a butterfly visiting a daffodil's petals.

Kendle has had personal experience with the healing arts, and uses music to create peaceful environments and uplift emotions. A multi-talented musician, Kendle plays all the instruments on the recording, except for the guitar tracks by Ian Cameron Smith. This music is an innocent delight.....!"

Reviewer: N/K

Review from Jim Brenholts, author of "Tracks Across the Universe: A Chronology of Ambient and Electronic Music
"...Kevin Kendle is a veteran new age healing music artist. Flowers is his fifth CD on the New World Music label. It is a lush soundtrack for the garden of the soul.

Kevin takes listeners through the seasons as he follows the flowers and their cycles. The journey starts at the end of winter and the eight flowers end as winter returns.

The music follows the seasons of the soul as listeners follow the cycle of life and its continuous birth and rebirth. The gentle acoustics augment the symphonic synth and the pastoral beauty of Kevin's work...."

Reviewer: Jim Brenholts

Review from Spirit of Change magazine

"...Say it with flowers" is a well known marketing term of the florist industry that offers more wisdom than most commercial advertising phrases. With their delicate scent and endless forms and colors, flowers truly do reach all but the most jaded (or allergic) of heart. A full bloom — whether rose, orchid or roadside wild-flower — is a symbol of life, love and mortality.

Beginning its life with the joining of male and female elements, often with the help of insects or gentle breezes cross- pollinating one flower with another, a continuation of life carries from generation to generation. From Buddha to Christ, Rumi to Thoreav, plants and flowers not only symbolize great concepts but demonstrate otherwise abstract ideas such as faith, trust and love. Who can help but understand the meaning of beauty in observing the opening of a rose with dew-kissed petals on a cheery sun-drenched morning?

Flowers majestically captures in sound the beauty and message of blooms many of us cherish for their beauty as well as the inspirations and memories they evoke. Kendle fills this recording with daffodils, bluebells, white and yellow jasmine, roses, sunflowers and more."

Reviewer: N/K
Review from Improvijazzation Nation - Issue 57

"...Another beautiful (ambient) album from Kevin (we reviewed a CD titled "Clouds" in issue # 41), & were most favorably impressed.

His synth-work is flawless, and the compositions are quietly inspiring. Many listeners (who are lookin' for somethin' with a taste o' row-dee) won't dig too deeply, and that will be their loss!

He (literally) paints aural images of lush gardens for your soul to relish. There is no question (in my mind) that this world would be a less violent place if children were introduced to music like this at the earliest age possible... I don't mean force-fed as a steady diet - just exposed! He uses string sounds a lot, which is very attractive, I think, and adds a great deal to the overall experience.

This would be best experienced with (either) headphones or in a quiet entertainment room with no interruptions. Those listeners who want to escape the ugliness around them will surely agree with me when I declare "FLOWERS" to be MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, and the "PICK" of this issue for "best ambient experience of 2002""

Reviewer: Rotcod Zzaj


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