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Review from CD Connection.com

"...Kevin Kendle is one of UK's brightest stars for atmospheric, ethereal music that is perfect for creating a relaxing environment. BUTTERFLIES is the aural equivalent of a walk through a flowering field on a sunny day.

Kendle has mastered the translation of emotion and experience into music. Each of the album's seven tracks expresses a delicate fluidity that personifies these enchanting insects. Kendle uses actual bird and nature sounds recorded near his Hertfordshire home to give his music an authenticity that can not be reproduced through synthesizers or studio wizardry.

Certain tracks, such as 'Red Admiral' and 'Holly Blue' are dedicated to individual butterfly species and are full of color and kinetic energy. Other tracks, such as 'Transformation' and 'Iridescence,' are complex compositions evoking the inner life of butterflies and show Kendle's mastery of his art. BUTTERFLIES is perfect for body workers and therapists, as well as for listeners who want to set the perfect mood for a sunny day..."

Reviewer: Steve Sheppard, writer and broadcaster

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