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Review from newworldmusic.com
"...So here it is, another masterpiece from the greatest keyboard player in the UK today.

Butterflies has fluttered into the shops, with an air of majesty and colour, spreading light in the dark, kicking out the dull and predictable and shedding an omni-present radience over the New Age Music Industry!

Exaggeration? No, not a bit! I have, and still do, rate Kevin Kendle as one of the finest composers of New Age Music alive on this tiny planet of ours today - but why?

Easy! His dedication to the subject matter is supreme, so much so, I would state for the record, that there has NEVER been a bad or weak recording by Mr Kendle. He enjoys his work, we enjoy listening, it is the perfect symbiosis!

Butterflies follows up from his massive and brilliant Flowers album, but unlike Flowers and Clouds before that, Butterflies tells a tale of Transformation, a cycle of life, a hope of life regenerated to rise to it's optimal peak, only to begin again!

Kendle's new offering hits the listener right from the beginning of the album, with the stunning track "Butterfly Meadow." It is a powerful piece and one of my favourites.

Track Two is the first dedicated Butterfly track, describing the life, colour and energy of the "Holly Blue" - a great track, followed by the lazy, hazy Summer feel of "Speckled Wood."

I was fortunate to have Kevin down for an interview on my show, and as we walked through our local Butterfly Meadow in Emsworth, landing next to us was the "Speckled Wood" - how prophetic!

"Red Admiral" is the most hanunting track off the whole album! This glorious Butterfly is reputed to be the souls of the departed revisiting their loved ones, and Kendle's well-crafted and emotional composition still leaves a tear in my eye. Listen to the very end and you will understand why!

"Iridescence" is the floaty ambient track that personifies the heat of a sultry summers afternoon, the many myriad Butterfly wings shining in an iridecsent sky, lifting our spriits and relaxing us into a dimension of light and colour.

To "Brimstone" - this track has an amost celtic feel to it, slow but deliberate in its build up and if there was a film score from the album, I guess this would be the one. It has that certain something that makes you tingle all over with an anticipation so sweet and tender - but then doesn't all of Kevin's music do that..?!

The last composition is the End and The Beginning! "Transformation", the journey of the caterpillar to the adult butterfly. Here we see Kendle in familiar and much-loved territory, building to his greatest asset, the crescendo. To those of you lucky enough to be familar with the work of Kevin Kendle, you will understand my comments on his ability to build the Ultimate Crescendo.

"Transformation" is just that, like Strength (Tarot), Cumulonimbus (Clouds) and Winter Jasmine (Flowers), he reigns ever powerful. This is a fine track to finish off a passionate and powerful, but beautiful and serene masterpiece!

In short, Butterflies is everything for everyone; it soothes, it inspires, it raises awareness, it moves you to feelings of love and rapture.

The potential listener or purchaser should take note from one who knows; if you buy this album, you will NOT be disappointed and you will like the album. This could well be the beginning of a beautiful friendship with the stunning talents of Kevin Kendle and your New World album Collection..."

Reviewer: Steve Sheppard, writer and broadcaster

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