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Each of these exclusive animated Windows screen savers, featuring the unique cover art of Glyn Matthews, has been designed personally by Kevin Kendle himself, just download the files and double click on the .exe file to automatically install into the Windows Control Panel to become your system's default screen saver!

These screen savers have been divided into two sections, those with audio extracts from Kevin's albums accompanying the images, and those which operate silently. (Note that the audio can still be easily turned off from the Windows control panel!)

Each of these exclusive Windows screen savers below includes a carefully chosen sound clip from one of Kevin Kendle's albums which complement the images (All sound clips are 8-bit stereo, sampled at 22,050 KHz, and are not representative of the true digital CD-quality audio of the albums themselves)

Screen Savers with Music

1 3D Cube Screen Saver with music 1.5Mb
2 Album Overlay Screen Saver with music 1.5Mb

The following screen savers do not have accompanying music, and therefore take less time to download

Screen Savers without Music

1 Album Re-form Screen Saver 688K
2 Autumn Flypast Screen Saver 284K

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