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Reviews of the PURE DREAMING album - page 1


Review from Music Outfitter.com

"...Kevin Kendle's melodies float low to the ground. Unlike the twinkling celestial compositions usually produced for sleep, PURE DREAMING evokes the deep, sonorous pleasures of an ocean swell while maintaining an exacting rhythm designed to lull the listener into deep, natural sleep.

Opening with the bright tones of "Skylark" and on through the morning-lit "Sundial" and the smooth "Gliders," this instrumental work paints scenes that perfectly illustrate their titles. PURE DREAMING is the perfect background for meditation or relaxation, as well as a useful sleep aid, although it would be a shame to sleep through the album's closing track, the haunting "Nightfall.....!"

Review from Paula Thompson

"...This CD is an amazing experience so I can only hope my review does it justice and has you rushing out to order it. I have found it has become quite a favourite for escaping the daily stresses and strains. While listening to this music - work does not exist but for in the deepest darkest recesses of your mind, the children haven't driven you out of your mind since coming in from school, they are a thousand miles away in a foreign land of golden silence. Making dinner has not been a chore you really didn't want to plan and face preparing this evening, all that exists is this wonderful sense of being at one with the universe in your own glorious company. Wow!

'Skylark' is exceptionally thought provoking, yet still brings the listener into a slow train of thought and immense relaxation. It begins withbirdsong and leads to piano. I began to visualise a cool stream and imagined being in a place of beauty and peace, this wasn't an intentional visualisation, I seemed to drift with the flow of the music and let it lead me to where it wanted me to be. Each time I have listened to this track, I have fallen into a deep sleep and awoken refreshed with a sense of complete ease of mind body and soul.

'The Sundial' is made of guitar music and piano following in, again, the peace I felt listening to this caused me to become exceptionally relaxed.

'Gliders' is slightly less calming, as you cant help but visualise flying above the fields and mountains, surrounded by the beauty of the earth and eagles in flight with you. The instruments on this track consist of keyboard flute and guitar.

'Evening Star' has a feeling of soaring above the real world, in the depths of space, and looking down to earth with a renewed love of our planet.

'Nightfall' sends one into a sleepy state. You really will be touching the stars in your minds eye and watching the deepest night sky you ever dreamed to see. As I write now, I am listening to this track and yawning unbelievably. I would like very much to fall asleep to this as I know my dreams would take me many places. The thought alone is amazing so I look forward to trying it out – possibly after I have written this review!

The pace of all these tracks unconsciously slowed my breathing. I find in every day life I go everywhere at full speed, and these tunes definitelyslowed down my travels in dream state. I recommend this Kevin Kendle CD, it could be used for healing if you wish or, like me, you could keep itall to yourself for those special moments of 'me' time. Fantastic...!!"

Paula Thompson
(from www.holisticshop.co.uk)


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