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"... For this, the second in his outer space-inspired Deep Skies series, keyboard artist Kevin Kendle once again employs the services of guitarist Brian Abbott on the recognizable glissando guitar which has a decidedly spacy sound to it. In addition, Nigel Shaw also contributes here and there, on space whistle, synthesizer, guitar treatments, and sequencer. Yes, you read right, a sequencer in the credits of a Kevin Kendle CD! That's not all, either. Kevin himself plays moog and takes a stab at the sequencer himself! Ye gods, what is the world coming to? I'm being silly on purpose, of course. However, it is certainly a change for Kendle who is better known for his lovely earth-bound electronic new age music more than EM or floating spacemusic. Yet, Lagoon Of Eternity is a huge step forward from his first foray into this genre (Light From Orion). The addition of sequencers, moogs, and some very tasty guitar (notably, Shaw's treatments of Abbott's work on "Star Clusters") add cool new dimensions to the music. Long-time fans can be assured though that this is not an overly dramatic departure, so it's not like Kevin has recorded a Steve Roach album! His patient lush washes and melodic synth chords are still present throughout the recording.

There are eight tracks, averaging between seven and ten minutes long, and they flow nicely into one another, yet certainly offer distinct and separate musical "excursions" into various astronomical soundscapes. Once again, Kevin has drawn inspiration from actual objects in the distant night sky, this time centered around the Lagoon Nebula in the constellation of Sagittarius. Also once again he has adorned the liner notes with beautiful pictures of assorted cosmic objet d'art "Trifid Nebula," "Herschel 36," "Omega Nebula," and the album title subject itself. He also contributes info on each object.

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