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CD Services Review of the LAGOON OF ETERNITY album



"...Master cosmic synth musician Kendle is back with a follow-up to the excellent 'Deep Skies 1' album (Light from Orion), and here again, we have what is a sixty-nine minute track made up of several individual tracks designed to run into one another to create uninterrupted listening bliss.

This time around, it works even better by virtue of oft-used "secret weapon" Brian Abbott on glissando guitars and the occasional "distant" guitar, the icing on the cake provided by the rich production and occasional guitar treatments (and on one track, sequencer) of Nigel Shaw.

Completely space music, it can't help but hearken back to a lot of the classic cassettes of music that came out of the American eighties, with a similar, full-sounding, richly textured, blissful feel and an atmosphere that is pure joy from start to finish, music into which you can dive and get lost for the duration. The divine and spiritual sound unique to the glissando guitars just adds to the gorgeous sounding, flowing layers of synths and moog that soar and drift all over the musical horizons, and rarely has space synth music sounded so warm and heavenly, while at the same time holding you in its magical spells for the whole seventy minutes.

There's a lot more going on in this music than you might think and far from standing still, it's constantly evolving, changing shape and even unafraid to use the sequencer on a couple of tracks to provide an extra, added dimension. After all is said and done, it's inescapable that, as cosmic music goes, this is an absolute gem of an album from start to finish...!!"

Reviewer: Andy Garibaldi, CD Services, Scotland


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