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...... Swirling deep synth sounds, that lead to a lighter play leaves me permanently waiting for those famous words to be uttered “Going were no man has gone before” to be spoken, but Alnilam is another cherry of a track, and another passionate favourite of mine and no doubt many others. Of all the tracks, this has an almost regal sound to it. Alnilam, with Abbott’s brilliance once more in evidence, gives us a the real perspective of a Sun 30 times larger than our own and listening to this piece it is almost as if you are literally on your knees in wonder at its magnificence as you are inexorably drawn towards it.

When you listen to this track, it makes you want to reach for the phone and put an emergency call to George Lucas, or if he’s not there, get me Spielberg NOW! Alnilam is the King of the Album and moves us to the last track, Betelgeuse, with a regal procession.

By the time you have got this far in the album, you wonder how Kevin Kendle can impress you any more? How can he tie up a work of sheer genius? But of course he does, may I add, with great skill and again the goosebumps return to the back of the neck with this last track.

Betelgeuse, the mighty red supergiant star, sways and swirls around us. In a way, this track is a summing up of the album, the end of a journey perhaps, as our ship nears space dock.

To be quite honest, by the time you get to this piece, you feel a deep sadness because you know the album is at its end. But then again, there’s always the play button to go for it all over again!

Light From Orion is a stunning album. I have always said that Kevin Kendle has never produced a weak album, let alone a poor one, and I for one totally respect him for his absolute genius in giving us this totally amazing product in Light From Orion. It was also a good decision that Kendle made to include the skills of Brian Abbott and Nigel Shaw on this CD, as they add an extra dimension to a wonderful creation.

I personally rate Kevin as the one of the great composers and keyboard artists on this small planet of ours today. His dedication to his art and his sheer mastery deserves every credit and reward he has coming to him and much, much more.

Light From Orion as a package is a total quality product, from the sleeve-like booklet to the new Deep Skies logo. It is no wonder it is selling like a Flaming Nebula in our local shop!

If you never buy a CD again, make sure you buy Light From Orion, or you will never forgive yourself for missing out on one of the best albums I have ever heard in any Genre.

Now please excuse me, I just HAVE to listen to it again, with the lights out and the volume up loud…….!"

Reviewer: Steve Sheppard, Writer and Broadcaster, UK

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