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Review of LIGHT FROM ORION by Steve Sheppard - page 1


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"...What makes one-man cry and another man sing? Sounds like the beginning to the cheesy lyrics of a 1980’s pop song, but in this case it is the very real effect that Kevin Kendle’s brand new album Light From Orion actually has on our beloved public! I have really seen people cry with joy whilst listening to this album in our local New Age outlet! And after listening to it I can understand why.

Kendle has moved back to his own record label, Eventide, for this brand new album and what an album it has turned out to be.

In my opinion, the presentation of Light from Orion far surpasses that of his previous works on the New World label, and every aspect of the production of this album on Eventide shouts quality.

As a Sci-Fi and Star Trek fanatic, it seemed like manna from Heaven to me. The Orion Nebula has been a particular source of fascination for me since time began and Kendle’s depiction of this beautiful place echoes brilliance in every corner of the known Universe and in my heart as well.

From the very first notes of this stunning album it is pure magic that weaves it’s way through the hearts and minds of the listener. Horsehead Nebula is an incredibly powerful beginning, lifting the lucky purchaser of this album off the launch pad and out into the very dark realms of space itself. The track progresses and leads brilliantly into Alnitak, the star on the left of Orion’s belt.

Brian Abbott’s glissando guitar comes into great effect here, and throughout the album lends its sorcery to give a siren like effect to the recording. Alnitak is subtle and floats to the amazing mastery of Kevin Kendle’s magic hands and lifting synths as the end rises then floats into a guitar keyboard effect, which leads us into the next track, Bellatrix.

This piece has one heck of a deep and sultry bass line all the way through, rich and as deep as the Universe itself, echoing and resonating through every fibre of the soul. Bellatrix has a haunting feel to it, it is as if we have dropped out of warp to examine the “Female Warrior” in its giant and Blue magnificence.

Bellatrix has everything and ends with such a passion it’s easy to imagine that we are being literally being pulled into an event horizon or a worm hole, as the sweeping and swirling effects just literally blew me away. Try listening to the end of track 3 and the beginning of track 4 (Great Orion Nebula), with your headphones on full blast - trust me, you will love it!

So out from the wormhole and the short journey to the Great Orion Nebula is done, we arrive in a quiet and beautiful region of space.

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