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CD Services Review of the LIGHT FROM ORION album



"...With ten tracks linked to form a single sixty-one minute cosmic music epic, this has all the hallmarks of the finest American space synth music pioneers of the mid-late eighties, combined with the best influences of artists such as Serrie and Stearns. But the sheer magical feel and atmosphere of the music sets it apart from even those great musicians. With layer upon layer of synths, rippling melodic backdrops, strings that stretch from horizon to horizon, the effect is simply staggering as these seemingly infinite textures and layers fill the room with sound.

But there is also a secret weapon at work here - the presence of a fantastic glissando guitar courtesy of player Brian Abbott and, when utilised, just takes the already vast sea of space music into another galaxy altogether, as you are completely drawn in to the deep space that stands before you and all around you.

Of its kind - incredibly atmospheric, varied, never standing still but never overly dark and certainly not droning - it's just gorgeous, yet full of depth and harmony, beauty and strength, the fact that it plays as a continuous single piece only adding to its splendours. As this kind of space synth music goes, one of the finest for ages. Surely this will be the one to put him up there with the so-familiar names of the past. A triumph..!!"

Reviewer: Andy G, CD Services, Scotland


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