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Review from amazon.com

"...Clear, confident, bright are three words which aptly begin to describe qualities of the music on this CD.

Clarity speaks for itself in the very high production values and musical sensibilities marvelously expressing the "beauty of the skies" inspiring the songs.

Confidence has root meanings that allude to "being with the Truth." And as we all know, the Truth will set you free. Your Imagination can truly soar freely when you listen to this music. Have you ever watched clouds form in the sky, coming and going, playing with shape and motion in the winds and depths of a beautiful day, and everything just feels so Right and Good? The songs on this CD elicit such magical moments. This music lends itself well to meditation, yoga, the background of creativity, relaxing, seeking solace, wild flights of fanciful imaginings, serving adroitly a variety of intents and purposes but perhaps most perfectly suited for doing nothing but simply enjoying the moment in Peace and appreciating Beauty in Life.

Brightness is radiant vibrancy, subtle, insistent, unobtrusive, enlivening and comforting all at once. For those of you who enjoy the music of John Serrie, Liquid Mind, Iasos, Aeoliah, Raphael, Kevin Kendle is a musician who can bring even more wealth into your life to share, create with, heal, explore, and take pleasure in.

The instruments are varied on each track and include piano, synthesizers, guitar, harp, flute, saxophone. There is a continuity of understated simplicity throughout the CD, but also moments of almost symphonic grandeur akin to awe that you will recognize from times you have been entranced by the sky. If you like serene but lively music with a lot of textural depth and intricacies, you will find much pleasure in the purchase of this CD. If you are stressed out, listening to this will help you let go and detach yourself for awhile; the music is so clear and precise you will easily be able to unwind, disentangle your jangled nerves and sensibilities and free your imagination. There is just such a friendly and likable confidence in every song here and the CD as a whole will leave you feeling uplifted and refreshed as befits its title and inspiring forces. A true breath of fresh air!

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this review; I hope it helps you out. Also thanks to Iasos because he recommends this CD on his web site and that is how I found out about the remarkable resources of Mr. Kevin Kendle.

Reviewer: Frank Lloyd Jensen


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