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Review from The Pathway
"...A truly relaxing album with sounds that seem to shimmer with everlasting presence. Memories of summers spent relaxing, watching the sky without any cares in the world.

I can't help being reminded a little of Debussy while listening. Relaxation music isn't just a new age thing but something that has been in music throughout the ages.

If you want a gentle soothing and relaxing CD to listen to then this CD is a must....!"

Reviewer: DF

"Music of the Spheres" Review from New Age Retailer
"...Cloud formations have always been a source of fascination for artists, photographers, and composers. With Clouds, Kevin Kendle brings to life every aspect of these formations, from billowy white mist to stormy thunderheads.

Upper-register piano, flute, and strings depict high, thin streams of ice crystals on "Cirrus," and undulating synths, guitar, and flute complement each other on "Cirrocumulus." Lower- and mid-register keyboards and piano create the murky and foggy "Stratus" in blankets of heavy reverb. Most ambient are the shimmering synth strings of "Noctilucent." Clouds glistens and sparkles with heavenly grace..."

Reviewer: Ted Cox

Review from www.modern-dance.co.uk (Issue 30)

"...Imagery on an art scale, this music flows like a torch light procession. By the time the music had finished I was so relaxed I'd forgotten I was supposed to be reviewing it, so was the tranquil state I found myself to be in.

Kevin runs a mastering facility called Eventide where he composed, performed, recorded and produced this 58 minutes of beautiful ambience (what a guy eh.). There are eight tracks each one having the name of a cloud formation which blends in well as the music is so atmospheric.

The piano is Kevin's forte throughout the majesty of this special album but there are also guitars, sax, strings, voices, flutes and many other sounds that combine to create a vast timeless soundscape. Very laid back.

Reviewer: Ford
Review from Improvijazzation Nation - Issue 41

"...As the name might make you expect, this is highly ambient music. Very healing & soothing. There are (probably) some who would "label" it & lump it in with all the rest of the "new age"... &, to be sure, if you just HAD to classify it, it would fit there. If you give it a deeper, more introspective, listening, you'll realize it has stronger values, though.

Mr. Kendle has produced 7 albums to date, this is his first on the New World Music label. In the pre-staged interview that accompanied the package, it's clear that he was influenced by Oldfield's Tubular Bells, most positively so. His synthesizer work is highly energized and will inspire all but the totally jaded listener.

Even if you've never been inclined towards musical experiences that are in the "gentle" realm, you should try this on for size. It's somehow (nearly) psychedelic, take you UP there with the angels! For the general listener, those who wouldn't enjoy beauty unless you somehow forced them to (& then it wouldn't BE beautiful), this won't be exactly a smash hit - but it gets a HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me...!"

Reviewer: Rotcod Zzaj


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