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Review of the CHAKRA GOLD album


Review from Vernon Marshall
"... There are so many CDs of ambient music that it can be difficult sometimes to find what distinguishes them from one another. This CD, performed by Aetherium, is beautiful. Each track of about nine minutes focuses on each of the seven major Chakras beginning with the Base Chakra. The choice of instruments is inspired and the distinctive riffs do encourage gentle reflection and relaxation. The additional material by Chris Puleston also adds a great deal to the collection, especially the use of the didgeridoo and chimes.

Of additional use are the notes that accompany the CD. There are beautifully designed charts of the Chakras with explanations of their characteristics and qualities. Each Chakra is dealt with separately with a colourful picture and some brief detail. This is a simple but effective introduction to the Chakras. To reflect on each Chakra, and maybe even to read the notes, whilst the music is playing is a useful way of connectingwith one's Chakra system and finding a simple way of seeking balance.

I like the music, I like the use of the different instruments, I like the way of focusing attention on each Chakra in turn. I can certainly use this CD in my own self-healing. As a means of healing others by giving attention to the Chakras in this way has proven to be an excellent additional tool in my healing work.

Well done Aetherium...!"

Vernon Marshall
(review from www.holisticshop.co.uk)


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