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Review from Wind and Wire
"...With twelve previous recordings in his discography, Kevin Kendle's music can now divided into three categories, although all carry his "signature." There are his more classic new age recordings, on which electronic keyboards are used more for their ethereal "feel" (Pure Peace, Music for Yoga, Tarot). Then, there are a few albums that approach a romantic spacemusic or floating ambient sensibility (Aerial Vistas and Pure Dreaming). Finally, there's his "bread and butter" (and what delicious bread and butter it is!). This is the classification that Butterflies belongs in - soft melodic "nature" recordings, occasionally combining subtle environmental sounds with a relaxing blend of sampled real instruments and excellent electronic textures (other releases in this group include Watermusic, Autumn, Eventide, First Light, Spring, Clouds and Flowers). One could almost state that Butterflies completes a trilogy that began with Spring (on Kevin's own Eventide label) and continued with 2001's Flowers.

All three of these albums contain warm accessible melodies, sometimes lively (but never too much so) but usually more on the relaxing side of things. On Butterflies, Kevin Kendle continues to refine his sampled instruments so that, to my ears, they are nearly indistinguishable from the real thing. Yet, by integrating more than a few overt electronic keyboards here and there, Kevin creates music that, while structured and accessible, seldom if ever slides into the adult contemporary camp. This is something that he does better than anyone else in new age music today - blending woodwinds, flutes, and other sampled instruments with bell tones, synth strings, and new age-like textures to produce a truly unique sound all his own...........

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