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Kevin Kendle Audio Samples - Page 1

(For demonstration purposes only)



Stereo MP3 Clips from the BUTTERFLIES album

  Butterfly Meadow (1min 41secs - 1.15MB)

  Speckled Wood (1min 53secs - 1.30MB)
  Brimstone (1min 43secs - 1.18MB)
Stereo MP3 Clips from the FLOWERS album

  Daffodils (1min 27secs - 1.00MB)

  Bluebells (1min 28secs - 1.00MB)
Stereo MP3 Clips from the CLOUDS album

  Cumulus (1min 33secs - 1.06MB)

  Altocumulus (1min 40secs - 1.14MB)
Stereo MP3 Clips from the AERIAL VISTAS album

  Ascent (1min 36secs - 1.10MB)

  Above the Clouds (1min 41secs - 1.16MB)

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