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I am delighted with progress on this exciting new project. Inspired by a series of 50 digital landscape images and poetry by the amazing artist Joao Santos from Brazil, "The Leaves of Paradise" will see these incredible, insightful images brought to life with music.
When Joao Santos first approached me with the idea behind this project, his landscapes resonated with me instantly, almost as though I had been to these places before. Could this perhaps be the place our souls return to between lifetimes...?
Based on the concept of the "Tree of Life" representing the Creation (as also depcited by many ancient artefacts) this new interpretation, an innovative combination of digital art and music, will bring the idea to life in a new way....
I envisgage the music for this album as being a natural extension of what I have already produced, a merging of my nature-based and spacemusic styles....
It was amazing to discover that, unbeknown to me, Joao Santos had created these images while listening to music from my existing albums for inspiration - another unexplained connection I already have with these landscapes...
Could this place be the proverbial Eden...? This thought-provoking concept is totally independent of any religion, however, but is rather a spiritual expression of the place we all may have come from, and perhaps we all will return to....
I am very excited about this project - it somehow feels very appropriate to be embarking upon this particular journey at this particular time. For further information about Joao Santos and his artwork, click here
During 2012, I will gradually be creating the music and atmospheres to describe these incredible landscapes. Keep checking back for further updates and information...!
All images © 2012 Joao Santos
All music © 2012 Kevin Kendle
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