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Interview with Serge Kozlovsky
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Serge : ... I must ask you about your creative plans! What albums can we expect from you in the near future? What are your long-term plans?

Kevin : I have an album due for release any day now, called "Pure Dreaming", which describes a perfect day in music, from the fresh, morning ambience of the first track, "Skylark", inspired by birdsong we hear locally in spring and summer, to the last track "Nightfall", which ends the day.

I have almost finished work the true follow-up to "Clouds", which will be called "Flowers", depicting 8 of my favourite flower types in music. This is the album that Ian Cameron Smith has added some superb classical guitar parts to. It will be very uplifting and relaxing with hopefully a few touches of magic along the way!

Serge : You belong to a new generation of the new age artists. How would you characterize new age music yourself? Why are you working in this genre?

Kevin : You are right - there is a new generation of New Age artist emerging. From my own perspective, I am trying to create music of a high quality that is INTERESTING to listen to. Far too much so-called New Age music has, in the past, been incredibly bland and boring. I have been disappointed on many occasions on buying a New Age release only to find the music so dull and uninteresting. So I always create music with the end listener in mind, primarily as an album to listen to, which also happens to be suitable to use as an accompaniment to meditation or relaxation. Thankfully, this emphasis on the quality of the music seems to be gaining hold, with blander albums falling by the wayside. Hopefully this will lead to some fantastic music being created in the years to come!

I work in this genre of music quite simply because I love it - I have been in touch with it right from those early dreams with their hypnotic sounds, and it has provided me with a way to express myself in sound.

Serge : And, in conclusion, I'd like to ask you if you have a message for new age music lovers in Belarus and Russia.

Kevin : I would like to thank New Age Music lovers in Belarus and Russia for taking the time to read this interview, and hope that my music might touch their lives in some way. Music is a universal form of communication that transcends any language barriers - through it I send you my love and warmest wishes. I would also like to thank you, Serge, for extending your invitation to participate in this interview - thank you!


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