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Interview with Serge Kozlovsky
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... I continued to release an album every year through Eventide Music, getting everything done myself - recording, artwork, manufacturing and distribution. Interestingly, one of those 6 companies I initially approached for distribution caused me to meet James Asher, who felt that Watermusic had something different to offer the listener, and we struck up a friendship through which I have met many artists in the field. Indeed, my "First Light" album of 1995, inspired by the dawn, was recorded at James Asher's Starfield Studios in London, with James co-producing. We are still very good friends today. The albums following were "Aerial Vistas" in 1996, inspired by views of landscapes from the air, like an imaginary hot-air balloon ride, and "Spring" in 1998, inspired by the season and the spirit of regeneration and new life. During this period, my two wonerful sons, Sam and Tom, were born and I have dedicated tracks on Aerial Vistas, Spring and my later "Clouds" album to them.

Serge : From the information on your albums covers I note that you have composed music which was used for theatre plays and on TV, including the BBC. Could you tell me about this side of your creative work?

Kevin : Whilst still at school, I was approached to record music for productions at the "Questors" theatre in Ealing, West London. I was also asked to record incidental music for a pilot BBC Television programme called "The Sea of Faith", which helped to sell the series overseas. The music on my Eventide range of albums is also published as library music, and as such has been used on many television and broadcast productions around the world, particularly in Japan, which is interesting!

Serge : You played keyboards for five years awith the band "McCALLA" together with the famous vocalist Noel McCalla and saxophonist Andy Hamilton. Tell me about this period of your musical career more in detail.

Kevin : At the end of the 1980s, I was looking for a new direction. One day my sister-in-law persuaded me to see a band that she considered were brilliant musicians. I went along to the gig, not really expecting anything special, but I was blown away by the sheer musicianship and the excellent vocals of Noel McCalla. They played the most brilliant blend of jazz/soul fusion and the set featured very high quality original material, which is what I was interested in. I don't much enjoy "cover versions!". I approached the band offering my services on keyboards, just at the time they were looking for a player to deputise for the regular keyboard player. Two weeks after that I was on stage with them, having learnt the keyboard parts from a cassette album they had out at the time!

During the next five years I played many gigs with them in all sorts of venues all over the UK, from private functions through to venues such as the Jazz Cafe in London, eventually becoming their full-time keyboard player. I also recorded two albums with them, "Push and Pull" and "Hot from the Smoke". It was an honour to be involved with other musicians of that calibre, all top session players who had played with the likes of Paul McCartney, Maddy Prior (from Steeleye Span) and Manfred Mann. Noel McCalla is still fronting Manfred Mann's Earth Band on vocals. He remains in my opinion, one of the greatest soul vocalists in the world today. I quit the band in 1996, pending the arrival of my first son, Sam.

Serge : How did your association with New World Music come about? I note that they released no less than three of your albums in 2000! Are you planning further releases with New World Music?

Kevin : I came to attention of New World Music in the Summer of 1998, through a long-time musician friend they had recently signed by the name of Llewellyn. They asked for a meeting and offered me a contract to record for their label, which I accepted. At the initial meeting we discussed possible album concepts. One of the the ideas I had been wanting to start work on for a while was an album of music inspired by cloud formations, and it just so happened that the chairman of New World was considering this concept at the same time - a happy coincidence! I worked on "Clouds" over the following year, completing work in Autumn 1999. I have more releases planned with New World Music for 2001 and I anticipate further projects in 2002.

Serge : Let's talk about your albums more in detail. Your atmospheric relaxation album "Clouds" is inspired by the beauty of the sky. Tell me about the inspiration behind the album ...


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