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This long-awaited CD sees a return to Kevin's distinctive landscape-inspired music such as on the albums Autumn, Eventide and Spring.

Winter is a celebration of the season, featuring haunting sound paintings reminiscent of the stillness and icy chill of a winter dawn. At times tinged with melancholy, at times joyous, the music on this album will move your emotions and touch your soul.

In production for three years, Kevin has been gradually crafting the soundscapes on this album until they shine like the icy scenes they depict. Contrasting the frosty chill of being outdoors against the warmth and comfort of being indoors on a cold winter's day has been a difficult balance to achieve, but Kevin has now realised the music to perfectly reflect this.

Featuring the stunning musicianship of collaborators Nigel Shaw, Chris Conway, James Asher, Brian Abbott and Sam Kendle, Winter is a musical experience not to be missed!

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1. January Sunrise - Listen 5. Midwinter - Listen
2. A Flock of Birds - Listen 6. Dreaming Fields - Listen
3. Snowfall - Listen 7. Silent Trees - Listen
4. Icicles - Listen  
Playing time: 58:39  
Features the stunning landscape photography of Leland Howard and the amazing night sky photography of David Early.



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