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Summer represents the long-awaited conclusion of Kevin's seasonal series. Capturing the essence of a warm English Summer, this uplifting album will transport the listener to sun-drenched meadows and secluded beaches.

Featuring natural sounds specially recorded for this album by Kevin using binaural techniques, this adds a new dimension for headphone listeners, as the sounds can appear to come from above and behind you.

Perfect as a soundtrack to the season, as music for visualisation, or for simply letting the mind drift...

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1. Kites - Listen 6. The Copse - Listen
2. Travelling - Listen 7. Afternoon Heat -Listen
3. Hidden Cove - Listen 8. Cloudburst - Listen
4. White Sails - Listen
9. Sunset Into Starlight-Listen
5. Tranquil Morning - Listen  
 Playing time: 57:45  

Kevin Kendle interviewed about the SUMMER album on One World Radio by Steve Sheppard - click here to listen

Release date: 24 June 2011


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