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Distant Horizons is a compilation album containing tracks from Kevin's albums WATERMUSIC, AUTUMN and EVENTIDE.

This album is an excellent introduction to Eventide Music, and has the added benefit of having been produced in such a way as to be of value as an accompaniment to Reiki therapy (See Below)

1. The Sun Descending
(Eventide) - Listen
7. North Star
2. On The River
8. Fading Light
3. Keeper's Cottage
(Autumn) - Listen
9. Homeward
4. The Willow
10. Lagoon by Moonlight
5. Twilight Plough
11. Evening Reflections
(Watermusic) - Listen
6. Rooks Return
12. The Moon Rising
(Eventide) - Listen
 Playing time: 63:30  

Benefits of this album as an accompaniment to Reiki:

This album is of value to the practitioner of Reiki. The music has been compiled in 5-minute extracts, separated by 10 seconds of silence. This means that there is no longer a need for clock-watching!

Perfect for hour-long healing sessions.


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